lyndaI’m Lynda Frassetto and I am a kidney doctor and professor of medicine at UC San Francisco. My colleagues and I are interested in the question, to what diet(s) are humans best adapted? Particularly people with problems that promote kidney failure – such as insulin resistance and diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. We hope this study will teach us more about how best to improve insulin resistance with diet therapy.


My name is Umesh Masharani and I am an endocrinologist at UCSF. Apart from seeing patients with endocrine disorders, I do clinical research in diabetes.   My colleague, Dr. Frassetto and I recently completed a study examining the effect of the Paleo-diet in people with type 2 diabetes.





My name is Heather Huddleston. I am a Reproductive Endocrinologist at UCSF.  I care for women with reproductive hormone disorders, including infertility and PCOS.  I am the director of a multi-disciplinary clinic for women with PCOS and am actively involved in several research efforts to better understand and care for women with  PCOS.




My name is Ashley Mason and I am research fellow at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. I earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on behavioral medicine in 2013. I am interested in unpacking how diet interventions impact food cravings, how food cravings impact eating behavior and food choices, and predictors of dietary adherence. I am also broadly interested in mindfulness-based interventions for craving experiences and understanding opioidergic pathways in the experience of food reward. I am eager to learn how the two diets in this study impact cravings, dietary adherence, and PCOS-related outcomes, using ecological momentary assessment (EMA) technologies.


My name is Caroline Brockman and I am an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Nutritional Sciences. My interests include the relationship between diet and disease prevention and medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases. As a long distance runner, I am also invested in sports nutrition. I look forward to participating in this study to advance our success in understanding the connection between PCOS and some of our population’s most prevalent medical concerns: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. I am also hopeful in promoting greater success in women’s reproductive health.


I’m Sofia Fabbrizio and am an Undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Nutritional Science with an emphasis in Dietetics. I am very passionate about discovering the powerful healing properties of food and looking forward to being involved in the PCOS study as a diet coach to help assist the participants in healthy food choices.

Shelby Gamble recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science, with a concentration in Dietetics. She will be attending Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in the fall to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing in order to become a board certified Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She hopes to eventually earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and work in the ICU and Emergency settings domestically and abroad.


I’m Catherine Schneider and am a Ph.D. student in the Metabolic Biology program at UC Berkeley studying to become a dietitian through the university’s dietetics program in tandem. I’m interested in learning more about how nutritional intervention can aid in treating and altering disease prognosis. I’m excited to participate as a diet coach in this study and assist women in making healthy decisions. I hope our efforts are able to improve PCOS systems and offer another viable method of treatment.



Gavin Impett, BA, has an interest in Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, and Nutrition. He is a San Francisco-based videographer and was “Caveman Zero,” in Dr. Frassetto’s first Paleolithic Diet study.